Hello Tech Folks, I am back with my new article. I have keep this article very short and crisp without going with any technical words or codes. I would suggest you to read it completely and make a choice to learn.

1. It makes development faster a lot faster 

Gone are those days when developer wrote large number of line of codes just to print simple "hello world"

This is the new era of programming languages where developer's life become very easier. Faster development means faster delivery. 

2. You don't to need to cry anymore for the quality of your app.

Yes it's true the quality of the app you build with Kotlin will be improved. 

Finally developers can get rid of a famous nightmare word "null"

Kotlin improves the quality of your released apps through “safety” features that have been designed to reduce the number of bugs and system failures.

3. Compatible with Existing java libraries 

What else a developer need if a modern programming language is compatible with your own loved language Java. 

You don’t need to stop using Java—you can use both! Extension functions give you a way to add functionality to existing classes (even Java classes) without a full rewrite to Kotlin. 

4. Official support by Google for Android development

Recently google said in it's conference that "35% of pro developers use Kotlin … more and more Android development is going to Kotlin and we’re committed for the long term.”

5. Large open community at your door

 The Kotlin developer community is a great resource for expanding your knowledge, and is growing rapidly. The Kotlin Slack channel is particularly active and is regularly recommended by new developers.

If you're convinced a little with my words then let's give it a try, you can thank me later and I know you'll for sure. 

Happy Coding!